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Golden Pillow 933 is one of the halal food caterers that provides the unique halal food namely the golden pillow, and you may be mistaken if you take it for a pillow on which you may want to place your head and take rest. It is a type of specialty made available by the halal food caterers made of bread with mutton or chicken curry inside it.

The golden pillows is made by halal food caterers out of the best quality of wheat with butter by mixing the correct types of spices in appropriate quantities while they are making the curry to be placed inside the golden pillow. They are one of the popular hala food caterers that have sent the chicken curry bun to many countries, and they have received accolades from far away countries like Germany.

In fact, it is a new product that is unique in taste and the innovation of this product has made this catering service famous and to get this you can make order online and you will like it as it feels very soft with a strong aromatic flavor on the loaf around the curry.

The golden pillow 933’s product has been designed soft like a pillow, with the tasty curry strong flavor in the bread. When the loaf is taken away, the curry inside the bread has a very good flavor and it has become a favorite item among the wedding caterers.

Right from the inception of this catering service, the halal golden pillow made by them is having a unique brand image and it has become well known in all countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, America and Japan.

The product is being an ancient recipe prepared by the halal food caterers has been passed through generations as a secret food preparation. It is a perfect combination of curry and various ingredients prepared by the food caterers with no compromise on quality.

As one of the best food caterers, they are acting with utmost social responsibility. In fact, they are also one of those halal food caterers who are supporting the fund raising activities of Hasanah Mosque and they are happily paying S$5.00 for each sale of the bun (halal).

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1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #05-11, Enterprise One, Singapore 415934

6323 8933

6222 8933

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  1. Brownbear on January 17th, 2011

    The food is just a gimmick, and more importantly, customers are treated like digits. My horrendous experience may be an isolated incident, but the manner in which I was handled was enough for me to ban this company. Try if you are happy for your food to NOT turn up.

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